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A New Show For
A New Audience


When TV Land was putting plans in place for a much-anticipated sitcom starring the beloved Betty White, it was a channel in transition. Since its inception in 1996 it had been “the home of classic TV” squarely targeting baby boomers but because of an aging audience with changing viewing habits it was redefining itself as a destination for new and original comedy series.

The launch plan would need to make the show appeal to a younger demographic while still retaining the core network fans. Leveraging the expertise of our in-house research team we analyzed the attitudes of younger sitcom lovers and created a behavioral and psychographic profile of a new segment along with their viewing preferences and where we could find them. A clear and uncomplicated message insured recall and invited co-viewing with friends.

The premiere topped the ratings projections and beat channel averages over the run of the series. The press and social media buzz created a perception in the minds of the new target to take a fresh look at the channel and the media strategy became the model for the current crop of productions.

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